Fuck Yeah Classical Music Videos


Glenn Gould (25 Sep 1932 – 4 Oct 1982) - So You Want to Write a Fugue (1963)

Quintetto (by Quiet ensemble)

Is this a video of an installation, or a classical music video, or a floor wax? or all three?

EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH in 5 minutes! (by Lorna Krier)

In case you want to save yourself 4 hours and 55 minutes….


New Morse Code playing Karakurenai live at Ruckus NYC (by Kevin Clark)

Beautiful. h/t #teamclassical

Margin of Era (by Charly & Margaux)

I think this might be relevant :-)

Michael Hersch: Fourteen Pieces for Unaccompanied Violin After Texts of Primo Levi, Nos. 13 & 14 (by MichaelHerschMusic)